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Company trip: Phu Quoc 2021


Spring kicked in with the gorgeous color of countless flowers on the streets. The weather was still pleasant as the last cold air from the winter was still lingering. What was a better time to get to the beach, enjoy the sun-kissed atmosphere with your beloved co-workers?

The first company trip of 2021 (yes, the first means there are more on their ways) was a 3-day-2-night trip to the so-called pearl island – Phu Quoc Island.

On this trip, Gleads’ members got to see all the attractions at this pearl island, taste local cuisine, take joy in team-building activities by the beach, and dine out at the Gala Dinner.

“Looking back at this trip, all that left was a sense of mixed emotions, but all in a good way. A part of me felt so appreciative that I got to spend quality time with my co-workers besides working hours. Another part of me regretted that this bonding time was over.” – said Vit, Content Creator.

He continued, “But that’s okay, our company is going to host tons more company trips for us to have more opportunities to get to know each other, to relax after weeks of work, and to get ready for more challenges. I’m so proud of being a part of Gleads”.

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