Happy International Woman’s Day 2022

Mar 8, 2022
Happy International Women's Day 2022

Today is all about appreciating amazing women around the world and their achievements.

To celebrate this occasion, we’ve prepared a little surprise gift for our ladies at GLEADS. May each and every moment of your day be filled with happiness!

Thank you for being with us on this challenging and exciting journey. We would like to celebrate all women, especially our GLEADS ladies, who inspire us every day.


To: All GLEADS ladies,

We wish for you, the artist of your own beauty, to forever be inspired
That your grace remain untouched and unblemished
That your love for others to never betray your own appreciation for yourself

Treat your mirror to the biggest smile ever
Give your comb a taste of your luscious locks
Take your dress for a walk down the most bustling boulevard

But most of all, give life the meaning it yearns
By being yourself, the women of Earth.

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